Saskatoon's Vaero is an indie-electronic folk singer/songwriter. She began as member of indie-rock band Young Benjamins. Native of the Canadian prairies, with roots in Northern Quebec, the established artist performs with live loops and instruments. Her official debut EP, Noeud, mixed and produced by Pierre Duchesne ( Marie-Pierre Arthur, Bobby Bazini, Hotel Morphée) is an intimate collection of pieces written after a near death experience prompted her to write more transparently.

The bilingual multi-instrumentalist performs in French and English with live loops and instruments as well as electronic samples. She studied violin and piano in her youth and later began to write songs in French, her native tongue, to explore the diverse culture and history of her French Métis roots. 

Though many anglophones are more familiar with her contributions to the indie-rock band Young Benjamins who have toured Canada, the US and internationally to Germany, the UK, Vaero is no stranger to the francophone music scene in Western Canada. In fact, in 2008, she took home the (title) of Western Canada's inter-provincial singer-songwriting competition which allowed her to represent (Western Canada) at the Festival International de la chanson de Granby – an international event held annually in Québec. In 2010, she independently released a 6-track EP with which she toured across Canada. 

Vaero is returning to the francophone scene with 'le noeud' (The Knot). The tracks bring angst, hope darkness, doubt and selflessness to light, as an ode to recovery and acceptance. She currently works with co-producer, Hattie.